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End climate change.

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We are the world's first negative carbon rewards program. Together, let's cool the planet one beerswipe rightsongsearchseries bingegym seshcoffeepair of shoes at a time.


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The short story.

We turn consumption into climate action. We take what you love and make it count. We change the world, without you having to change much at all.

As you shop, scroll, swipe, and journey through your normal day, we’re making it possible to earn Cool Points and be climate active.

Each Cool Point funds 1kg of permanent carbon removal. Unlike planting a tree, this carbon won’t come back when that tree is cut down or dies.

This is climate action, and it couldn’t be easier.

The looooong.

We’re a negative carbon rewards programme.

“A what?” you say… which is a fair enough question, it’s never been done before. But after many unsuccessful attempts at trying to find meaningful ways to be ‘climate active’, and a long walk on the beach one evening, founders Juss + Lee thought: “what if, the things we already do today — you know, the stuff that usually contributes to climate change — could actually help solve the f˚cking problem”. And with that, we started the Cool Points Club.

We all know about rewards programs. You’re probably already a member of more than one. They reward you little by little for things that businesses want you to do. It’s a genius model — businesses achieve their goals and us consumers do seemingly very little and get rewarded. The problem: the rewards (if you can earn enough to actually buy something) only encourage you to buy more, fly more, or fill your car with more fuel. All of which are really sh˚thouse for our planet.

We all know about climate change. What not many know is that the effects of climate change are not a straight line, a little bit more, doesn’t equal a little bit worse. It’s a tipping point that, once tipped, sets off an irreversible chain of events, beyond human control… there is no way back. To avoid this, the world needs to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and most of this work has to be on track by 2030, this is a critical decade.

Strategies to reduce emissions — such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, and reforestation — are important, but the world will not realistically stop emitting enough carbon by 2030. To reach net-zero we must also remove the excess CO2 already in the atmosphere.

The good news is, clever humans have invented much of the technology we need to remove this CO2, but these solutions are underdeveloped and under-utilised because they’re underfunded. Cool Points Club exists to fund this critical carbon removal and end climate change.

Each Cool Point funds 1KG of permanent carbon removal. The more we fund it, the cheaper and more accessible this technology will get.

Cool Points Club is more than a loyalty program, it’s a movement that can literally change the world.

This is the climate action we’ve been waiting for, and it couldn’t be easier.