Carbon removal is critical to counteract climate change

Our climate has a limit. A carbon budget if you will. We have just 280 gigatonnes of CO₂ left, before we hit irreversible tipping points. This is a message that has been shared over and over again by scientists around the world.

However, carbon removal is behind.

Our Approach

If we want to make the next century worth reaching we have to do two things...


Stop pumping carbon into the air. Stop the footprint.

Measure and reduce our carbon footprint.

There’s now powerful and plain evidence that the term “carbon footprint” is, and always has been, a sham created by BP to throw shade from themselves onto the individual. It should be considered in a new light — to frame your climate impact.

In 2020 (no thanks to Covid-19), most of us were forced to dramatically slash our individual carbon footprints. We stopped driving to work and flying on planes. Yet, the amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide saturating the atmosphere (the only number the planet cares about) was just 8% less than in 2019.

Even when we’re all put on pause, it barely makes a dent. Why? Because the footprints aren’t ours.

We need legislative change, at the highest level.


Remove excess carbon already there. Take away footprints of the past.

More than (just) trees.

Don’t get us wrong, we love carbon-absorbing trees. But, trees alone won’t save us. Tree’s take 7 years to reach maturity, and on average die at 20 years — a stat that’s getting worse as the effects of climate change intensify (think; more wildfires, drought, insects, storms). When a tree dies, it releases most of the carbon it was storing.

Lucky for us, clever humans have created many other ways to do what trees do, but better — suck carbon permanently. However, these emerging technologies are just that, emerging. Most remain undeveloped and under-utilised because they are underfunded.

With funds these technologies can scale, and so can their impact.

We need to scale emerging carbon removal technologies.

We're with #2

We exist to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies.


Our Solutions

We seek to fund the most promising carbon removal technologies to fight climate change. With a strong focus on "quality" carbon, we look at:


How long is the carbon removal is expected to last?

CPC’s Criteria: Removal must be permanent for at least 100 years (most claim 1,000+ years).


Would this removal happen anyway, even if we weren’t paying for it?

CPC’s Criteria: Removal must always be additional.


Would this removal result in an unintended increase in carbon released elsewhere?

CPC’s Criteria: Removal must demonstrate zero leakage.

* For the above reasons, we do not fund carbon removal by trees or soil. Even though those options are cheaper and have many positive benefits, we want to make sure you can trust we’re doing what we say.