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Cool Points Club (CPC) is hitting the headlines for all the right reasons in their re-imagining of climate action and identifying of major opportunities to help prove and scale new climate technologies. In their latest CPC project Islands of Cool they have created non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with a unique feature to combat the crisis. Their NFTs are hardcoded to remove carbon in the climate space, not once but for the life of the NFT.

CPC’s Islands of Cool is a creatively imagined alternative realm embodied as the world’s coolest digital art collection, where each NFT is part of a map created by New Zealand artist T-Wei. Each NFT is built to remove carbon at mint and at each and every trade thereafter. Carbon removal is literally hardwired to keep on sucking. This is how CPC envision the future of their NFTs – building them all as “digital carbon sponges”.

Cool NFTs - Digital Carbon Sponges

NFTs have recently been receiving a bad rap with online controversy denouncing the technology’s carbon footprint, unsettling the debate over their environmental benefits. Whilst lower-energy “proof-of-stake” blockchains are growing in popularity around 80% of the NFT market still sits with “proof-of-work” sites, such as Ethereum, which guzzle energy with a whopping footprint. Aside from the negative press about carbon hungry technology there are accusations of greed, with the frenzy in trading tokenised assets impacting community good. No such excesses for CPC with their carbon neutral footprint, planet before profit and carbon removal tenets. CPC are signalling a new era in climate action in the metaverse.

The women co-founders, Leanne Bats and Jussara Bierman, have big plans for CPC believing climate action must be relatable, attainable, and very cool, and by empowering others to take action with them they can invest in the most promising solutions for the benefit of the planet. They want to help change the narrative and make climate action mainstream. To do this they recognise that they must be authentic and accountable, not only to their committed members and partners, but also in their dedication to cooling the planet. Trading for good makes it possible for the world of NFTs to have a positive impact and actually go to work for the Club in the climate space with every mint and trade. CPC are flipping the script with their NFTs that are designed to remove carbon for as long as they exist.